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    “The first shall be last and the last shall be first”. (Matt. 19:30; ; Mark 10:31) “The last shall be first and the first shall be last”. (Matt. 20:16; Luke 13:30) Jews feel they have safely evaded these New Testament scriptures by disclaiming the Christ.


    Common consensus also, with regard to interpretation of these passages is that this simply means that the Gospel, taught first to the Jews and then to the Gentiles will, in the latter days, be taught first to the Gentiles and then to the Jews.

    Or that, in line with Isaiah’s prophesies concerning a restoration of “Israel” that those who were upheld at the first will again be superior at last. Aliya during the last Century and a half has seemed, in the minds of many, to justify this interpretation.

    On the other hand, what we see in Modern Israel is identical to scriptural accounts of the Israel and Judah of old. We see a modern day repetition of the ‘elect’ vaunting themselves and going whoring after ‘other gods’. By any account, Israel is a modern Fallen Nation. The Wolf again is at the door.

    So it is quite acceptable, in parallel with interpretations depicting the latter day flowering of Gospel Truthes, that Israel also might have risen from the dust only to fall at the feet of its returning Redeemer. “Oh Jerusalem! How oft would I have gathered ye. . . .” while ye were whole!

    We accept Jewish custom with regard to Isa. 44:6; 48:12; (Rev. 1:11, 17; 22:13) and understand the gamut of interpretations “I am the first . . . ., and I am the last . .” with regard both to Messiah and to the elect relationship between Israel and Messiah.

    However we feel that Israel has become fallen.

    We say fallen in every sense handed down to us throughout the ages. The fallen conditions of bygone Empires and Peoples, while reflected elsewhere in the world today are reflected no less in Israel today. Those whoring after other gods, be they mammon, lucre, flesh, power, dominion, pure pleasure, might find them as readily in Tel Aviv today as anywhere. Gay Pride parades fit for Sodom and Gomorrah are permitted not only in Jerusalem but at present, in those august chambers of the Knesset.

    And because Israel is fallen, crestfallen, we see it wallow in ignominy before the public gaze.

    In fact nothing, nothing need change for Israel to walk proudly upon the world stage but she will not. Weighed down by a sad inner awareness, Israel has foundered and become dead in the water. The Nation that sailed valiantly onto the World Scene so very recently now begs and scrapes in self-conscious ignominy and this is because of self doubt.

    Where is Israel’s God?

    Where is God’s Israel?

    These questions have answers but before readers (Dear Readers ! heh) focus only on Israel let us make similar statements regarding the whole world.

    By definition, the Great Whore of All the World, who sitteth on Many Waters, is the cumulative cess of all the religions, philosophies, zealotries, corporate giantries and overall unpleasantries in this world which do not seek to build up the Kingdom of God in this World, his Priesthood, his Ordinances and His Holy Temples.

    Those who feel they are safe because they are nice Catholics in Italy may be shaken to discover their life’s aspirations are no more salvageable than those of the worst villain on Wall Street or in Iran.

    “Oh! No! I did nothing and anyway, everybody’s doing it!”

    Well. We shall see.

    Those who feel they are in position to steer Humanity are, on the one hand, deliberately steering towards rocks and destruction while, on the other, hoping to assist them and gain friends!

    Only one Lesson will suffice Mankind.

    The message of History is plain to be seen but nobody accepts such obvious truths and the only way Mankind will accept rebuke is if the Race is debilitated by it.

    Five and a half thousand million people will die.

    Also cows, dogs, pigs and desultory other life forms while Humanity is eviscerated.

    This will not be the final lesson. This will only be the impetus required to stiffen the resolve of Man, what’s left anyway, to focus upon needed and productive industry. This is the bit in scripture where weapons will be fashioned into ploughshares. What’s left of the lions of Judah may lie down with what’s left of the lambs of christianity.

    But because we have a fundamental love affair with lucifer and those wonderful pleasures he offers, including exquisite disobedience, we will yet come back for more but not NOW!

    Now we must wipe out 5.5 Billion.

    And yes. You guessed it. Just like before – the sword of Damocles will descend upon good old Israel. Others? Sure!!!

    But the Prophets, the real ones rather than that fraud marmaduke mohamed, have said these are those days and in these days men will marvel.

    And that that was first and was last and that that was last will be first.

    Isaiah 45 deals quite well with our day. Israel was sort of hoping Obama would be their latter day Cyrus, I bet! Too bad. Instead, while dealing with Babylon, Israel has this time turned to both a different and a same Egypt instead of their God. Obama and Egypt are both ruthlessly unreliable but Israel will predictably run after them both.


    And Went advises, Dragons are certainly not GO


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