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  • SHORT TAKES XI by Guran

    Guran posts comments in world media, especially in JPost where ample provision exists, but such comment is frequently not published. We see nothing in the direct and pragmatic stance taken by Guran, who says little at WenU blog as a rule, and so we will publish a selection of those posts that, for editorial reasons elsewhere, would never see the light of day:-

    Reply to: ‘Recon for attack a warning to Iran’ By HERB KEINON

    # 32 – Breakfast In America – 27 May 2010
    Dreamer! You’re nothing but a Dreamer! Used to be a hit song! 🙂 A good one, by Fleetwood Mac. But you are dreaming. If a dog gets out of Iran the war failed! As for pandering to Arab apologists, they kill or they die. We are for “die” and Humanity is for War! We kid you not. A few bombs over 4 weeks?! Obliterate the country of Iran in 4 Hours! Forever!


    Reply to: China avoids blaming North Korea By ASSOCIATED PRESS

    China’s Veto Even, Could Block Discussion – 27 May 2010
    This was the key phrase in the entire article. This whole charade is based upon hypocrisy and upon maintaining ‘face’ by manipulative lies. In reality, Truth will ooze out of many people’s veins and these ‘untouchable’ liars will be deep within their lairs. We have news for them, “They will pray for the walls to fall on them in their holes in the rocks”. Still, billions will also die.


    Reply to: Fate of Gaza flotilla remains vague By YAAKOV KATZ AND HERB KEINON

    If Israel Doesn’t Care . . . – 26 May 2010
    We live today in a world where North Korea just attacks anyway and Iran just goes ahead with business as usual. Elsewhere the paradigm remains as in Saudi Arabia – if their crimes are exposed, catch the LEAK! Yet still Israel has no Law. Dithering around like washerwomen, puny politicians interested only in their personal sinecures have no intestinal fortitude. They are willing to risk the lives of IDF in wasteful ‘war games’ against a lethal enemy – but they will not fight. Israel should sink these vessels out of hand. Let the World learn that Israel matters!


    Reply to: “For Every Israeli Concession, a Palestinian Provocation” by Hillel Fendel

    How Come? – 24 May 2010
    The entire world watches as Israeli leaders belittle and crush their own people, supposedly for the sake of appeasing their Arab enemies and the vaunted “International Community”. The only reason for this insanity must be that Israel is in league with its allies to suck the Arab World into a War, so they can forever crush them! Or Israeli leaders are traitors to the point of stupidity. History and Scripture indicate Israeli leaders are traitors to the point of stupidity.


    Reply to: Iran sanctions likely to be delayed By BY HILARY LEILA KRIEGER

    Who Cares? Drink Milk – 21 May 2010
    All this rubbish about Sanctions and the like is a complete diversion from reality. Nothing is going to happen until North American Bums start burning in the good ol U S of A. Finally, when it matters nothing to the rest of the World, the US will demand to right to kill off uncounted millions – out of spite. The way things are going, some of us may still be here to see it.


    Reply to: UK coalition to push for ME peace By JONNY PAUL

    Yeah Yeah – Same Old Same Old – 20 May 2010
    Two State Two State – none of them believe a word of what they say. If they are agreed on anything it is that Israel should go. Any suggestion that the Arab World take a long cold look at reality and abandon any idea of an Arab state in place of Israel is anathema. On the other hand, those who demand the destruction of Israel ARE anathema. We know and accept that Modern Israel will be destroyed – but only as part of a ‘package deal’ which will see these buffoons biting their lips with pain, if they live that long. What a tragicomedy is Modern History!


    Reply to: Israelis to Confront Pro-Gaza Activists at Sea by Maayana Miskin

    Not A Stone Throwing Contest – 17 May 2010
    Throwing stones at each other may be traditional, honourable and amusing on land but this is the High Seas. The Israeli Navy should simply sink the lot. Law on the High Seas is definitive. That was the problem at first with Greenpeace and whaling – the Japanese should have sunk them out of hand. Sea Law has nothing to do with whales. Sea Law has nothing to do with protestors and everything to do with invasion of Sovereignty.


    Reply to: Iran agrees to uranium exchange By JPOST.COM STAFF

    And This Is Credible? – 17 May 2010
    We just sit back and let Iran laugh its way to the Shoah? Iran’s Shoah, that is. This is simply the predictable finagle by Turkey and Brazil, hoping for ‘considerations’ from Iran, to encourage Nuclear Power to the Caliphate. We watch with interest the responses from Obama and Bibi. We expect none. Business as usual in the world of those who get rich and exercise power. Destruction as usual for those who are not. The EU will hold this against any threat of Israel against Iran! You have to laugh.


    Reply to: US Jewish group urges concessions By HAVIV RETTIG GUR

    What Occupation? – 17 May 2010
    The French introduced the term ‘occupation’ into the hate narrative driven by Arab enemies of the Jews and Israel. From that moment on the term has been legitimised and stressed by people who say they are ‘friends of Israel’. The ‘occupiers’ were Jordanians, impelled by Arab dreams of dominion and current ‘occupiers’ are any Arabs in Israel who deny Israeli National Dominion within Israel. Those who do deny should move or be moved to Jordan, per se., or to any other Arab nation they are descended from. As for Jews in USA advocating Jewish capitulation in Israel? Drop off!


    Reply to: ‘US tone more positive since talks’ By HILARY LEILA KRIEGER

    Forced Submission Is “Positive?” – 13 May 2010
    We have to ask ourselves if these Israeli spokespersons actually believe their own drivel. From Peres down, including the Patriotic PA Representative Livni, we hear nothing but, “If we give Israel to the Arabs, someone will give it back to us.” Israel is not Modern Israel’s to give. Modern Israel has the option of dealing with Israel in a respectful way – but History indicates Modern Israel will deal shamefully with its Heritage and be destroyed, yet again.


    Reply to: Dershowitz: Israel’s Problem is Jews from ‘Planet Chomsky’ by Gil Ronen

    When There Are No More Babies – 12 May 2010
    The assumption always is that modern media will splash images across global screens, of a child corpse here or a child there. When the World sees mass death on an unimaginable scale it will be meaningless and they will be sick of it. It won’t stop even then but the sickness of Mankind will not be as it was. When there are no babies, Mankind will wreak death in desperation.


    Reply to: Our World: Hizbullah’s media champions By CAROLINE B. GLICK

    The Same Media . . . – 12 May 2010
    The same media commemorate the shooting of Rabin as a bad thing. That single stroke of sanity in a very long while in Israel is smothered by media defeatism. The enemies of Israel will kill many more than just some Rabin and Israel will be compelled to kill many times more also. The entire Knesset is the joker in the pack and the dealer is the Media. Caroline is, as usual, absolutely correct!


    Reply to: Syria, Russia Upgrade Ties, Israel Fears More Arms for Hizbullah by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

    With Friends Like These . . . – 11 May 2010
    With friends like these, who doesn’t need nuclear weapons? Israel’s main enemy is its own leadership. None are actually elected, they are simply self-selected from among a coterie of wealthy and influential self-seekers. This is why Peres has been in office for 50 years! An outspoken enemy of the State! Barak? Defense Minister says publicly, “We have lost the war and should settle for Shoah Borders!” Israel should don masks and nuke all their neighbours! Nobody would care! Nobody would dare!


    Reply to: US Jews: Conversion bill ‘Disastrous’ By JONAH MANDEL

    A Jew Is A? – 11 May 2010
    Many millions of Messianic Zionists (Christians) feel as closely connected to Israel, the Holy Land and the Jews, they think, as do legitimate, orthodox, observant Jews and Jewish Israelis. (that definition is in part, the problem) But the fact is, the ‘streams of convenience’ in Diaspora may actually be divergent from Orthodoxy, as Christianity is. This Law may be both a ‘good law’ and precisely what Jews in Diaspora USA fear. Buying Balm of Gilead from a Conservative NYC Rabbi just may not cut it. Is not The Good Oil at Shiloh? But then, Leaven is Leaven.


    Reply to: ‘Obama Behind Jerusalem Apartheid’ by Maayana Miskin

    Obama Is Pro Arab And Also Evil – 10 May 2010
    The World is polarising around a number of issues. The Family as the binding fabric of Society is one. The status of Jerusalem as the Hebrew/Jewish Capital is another. Those against the family, in favour of legalised homosexual unions, opposed to Jews in Jerusalem and Israel are transparently opposed to many other core moral and ethical values pertinent to the Free World. Satan uses enmity to buy false priests, despots and tyrants to rule with blood and horror in the World. Obama sips from their chalice.


    Reply to: ‘No R. Shlomo building for 2 yrs’ By ASSOCIATED PRESS AND JPOST.COM STAFF

    No Insult? – 10 May 2010
    Had the US made this statement last week, during Bibi’s wrangle to take charge of Likud, History would have been different. We know it’s all a matter of ‘nuancing’, which is what Hillary Klingon was doing when she said it was insulting that Jews live in Jerusalem. Still we see that Obama has Bibi in his pocket but doesn’t realise the meaning yet of that burning feeling. The USA is a disposable toy that will fade and rust when left out in the sun and rain.


    Reply to: ‘US support for nuke policy eroding’ By HERB KEINON

    What Is Obama Without Israel? – 10 May 2010
    Without Israel, Obama is just another Chavez. Without Israel, what is the USA? Just another Communist State masquerading as a failed Capitalist state. Without access to the Torah moral code of its Founders, the USA is just another brute on the way to collapse. Who should worry if they lack support from Obama and the USA? The US should worry that they cut themselves adrift from their own moral liferaft.


    Reply to: White House Reports Two-Year Building Freeze in Ramat Shlomo by Maayana Miskin

    Bibi – No Guts: Jerusalem – No Guts – 10 May 2010
    This character Netanyahu will do anything, sell anything, his grandmother’s underwear, to curry favour and keep office. Nothing is sacred to him, least of all Israel. You voted for him. Last week you re-empowered him. Basically, Bibi has been sweet talked into ‘waiting for Messiah’. “If HaShem wants it, He can come and get it!” eh, Bibi?


    Reply to: ‘Cannot leave euro to speculators’ By ASSOCIATED PRESS

    Not An Anti-Semitic Joke – 8 May 2010
    With Europe sliding into Greece’s turmoil and the prospect of millions throughout Europe emulating Greek violence in the streets, we might very quickly see a situation where the most organised group, on the ground, is Militant Islam. When Civil War comes it is simply a matter of “Last Man Standing”. History and the Prophets paint the scene from there, with the added fact that politicians always seek to scapegoat a convenient enemy in order to unify their ignorant masses. This will be dirty and it will not be fun. Americans beware!


    Reply to: ‘PA preparing for failure of talks’ By JPOST.COM STAFF

    Say It Like It Is – 4 May 2010
    All these bland and tactful statements are just a pack of lies. All these experts refuse to state there is nobody on the Arab side willing to publicly lose the war against Israel and that therefore, the lies about peace and negotiations are merely a cover for failing to respond to genuine Arab aggression. But then, if Israel doesn’t care, Israel doesn’t matter! Imagine if Bibi said, “We accept we have no party to discuss peace with so we have reverted to our pre-Oslo status”!


    Reply to: British Student Gang Attacks Deputy Ambassador by Maayana Miskin

    Not As If They Didn’t Know! – 1 May 2010
    Freedom of Speech was what happened inside. Common criminality is what happened outside and it’s not as if it was not known or expected to happen. Every single individual taking part in this violence should have been arrested and charged with public affray or similar common criminal offense. A failure to apply the Law leads to the loss of Order. Peace is NOT free.


    Reply to: UN Mideast Envoy Invokes 1947 Partition Plan by Yoni Kempinski

    Not Simple Revisionism – 28 April 2010
    Alluding to UN recommendations of 1947, as opposed to League of Nations in 1922, Armistice of 1948/9 or 6 Day War of 1967 is not simply ‘Historical Revisionism’. The fact is, plain and simple, the Arab World has been at war with Israel since the day the fledgeling State was formed. In that day, Israel was unable to initially defend herself fully but succeeded in 1967 to take back territory invaded and stolen previously by Jordan (similarly Egypt in Sinai). All this constitutes War and Israel merely has liberated its own land. UN statements to the contrary are attempts to re-win battles lost by the Arabs in the past. The UN is declaring War on Israel. The USA also is declaring War on Israel. Israel has declared War on nobody. Simply, the Big Lie – Taqiyya – continues.


    Reply to: ‘I want to work with Netanyahu’ By JPOST.COM STAFF

    Israel Should Take Schalit – 27 April 2010
    Israel should simply take its soldier and leave whatever size hole remains as a reminder to the Arabs. In the event, one soldier is not worth the cost of bartering and also he can be killed by Hamas at a moment’s notice. The answer is to cut him out dead or alive. But then, If Israel doesn’t care, Israel doesn’t matter. We notice Abbas is purring like a kitten with fresh milk! What has Obama given him? Aside from gold plated legitimacy! The problem there is that Obama has lost his own legitimacy.


    Reply to: Diplomatic Coup for PA: Obama Invites Abbas by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

    Clerical Assistant Bibi Fetches War Map? – 25 April 2010
    In fact, outwardly all the signs are that Israel has lost the war and that the USA, having defeated Israel, is carving up Israel among the US and Arab victors. On the other hand, Bibi and Obama may be planning a war for the Arabs to be sucked into. If not, Obama is being sucked in Civil War in the USA. The USA will lose in the US and Mankind has no hope in the Middle East, so far as National aspirations go.


    Reply to: Mitchell en route, J’lem freeze rejected By ASSOCIATED PRESS

    10 Months Out Now To Two Years! – 22 April 2010
    Thanks Bibi! Oh by the way Obama, “Take a hike”. We will have to fight this war anyway so who cares what the US thinks or does. The same stinking Arab scum will be wanting to kill and maim and the only way to deal with them,as usual, will be to kill them. The realities are not negotiable. Arabs have an everlasting fear and hatred of the Jews. THAT is precisely the threat represented by the USA! “Duck Sir, your privates are burning!” Bibi knows the Arabs are being irresistibly lured into the next war.


    Reply to: Obama: Ties with Israel ‘unshakable’ By JPOST.COM STAFF

    Not Obama’s Place To Say! – 22 April 2010
    Obama is the president of a Country who’s morality and culture is based upon Judaeo-Christian Laws originally documented in Torah. Obama does not have the right to say whether the ties between his People and their Culture are “unbreakable”. Obama is the breakable one and he will break upon this Rock.


    Reply to: Report: Obama-PA ‘Understanding’ on Freeze Continuation by Hana Levi Julian

    If Israel Doesn’t Care, Israel Doesn’t Matter! – 22 April 2010
    We are aware of all the sophisticated BS about nuanced dialogue and whatnot but the fact is, the US has sided with the World against the Jews in Israel. In practical terms, Israel is being used as the goat tied to the stake – with Israel’s concurrence, as an inducement to War. Now tell us, “Who is for Israel?” And we would like to know, “If you don’t, why should we care?”


    Reply to: Jones: PA-Israel Peace Would Thwart Iran by Hana Levi Julian

    What Are They On? – 22 April 2010
    It has to be a sign of dementia but how can an entire government, or even several, including even Israel, behave as if Arab hatred of Jews, a keystone of their pseudo religion, will go away or can be ignored? What is the status of the USA if it aligns against Israel? What moral platform? What scum! So we watch these mind games and assume they are all on drugs. A naturally occuring bio-psychotic halucingen identified with power and denial of the Truth.


    Reply to: Ex-US Envoy Indyk: Bibi’s Refusal to Obama ‘Threatens Alliance’ by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

    Stuff The Alliance – 21 April 2010
    What is the USA without Israel? Think about that.
    What is Obama without Israel? Chavez?


    Reply to: IDF drafts pullback to pre-Intifada lines By YAAKOV KATZ AND TOVAH LAZAROFF

    Bibi Is Too Smart – 21 April 2010
    Bibi is undermining himself with every word. He should simply say “No”. Let the Arabs deal with their Arab War against Israel. There will be no peace with them regardless of anything Israel or the US do. All the US does is exploit weaklings like Bibi for its own economic purposes. Bibi should be dumb and dumber and simply opt for a strong Israel – the opposite of what he does. He should also ‘lose’ Barak next time they are in some sewer. Does Israel believe in its own right to exist?


    Reply to: Iran picks new enrichment site By ASSOCIATED PRESS

    More Talks – More Disguise – 20 April 2010
    Iran is using the ‘Carrot and the Stick’ procedure, while suggesting talks as a means to continue what they are doing without further Western response. There is no worry of a response from the US – they have sold themselves. The EU sees itself better served also by a dominant Iran. Blind fools. Israel will wait, likely too long. This is all working out well! It’s gunna be a Great War!


    Reply to: Netanyahu: We want peace, but not at the price of security By TOVAH LAZAROFF

    Hertzl Before Barak – 19 April 2010
    Poster #1 regardless (there are always enemies) the simple fact is that Hertzl made only a commonsense observation of fact – he was not stating an opinion. DM Barak however, is playing the usual game of selling Israel to its enemies for the sake of ‘public aclaim’. We will see his public ignominy beyond the veil but more than that, we need to see Bibi internalise what he spoke. Mitchell should be excorted back onto his plane and told to “Cease his insults”. There is no peace with the Arab world. Also it is their God, not the IDF, who is Victor.


    Reply to: Abdullah: ‘War could break out this summer’ By JPOST.COM STAFF

    Invasion Plan No Peace Initiative – 18 April 2010
    The intended outcome of the bogus Arab Peace Initiative is an invasion of Israel and a ‘Final Solution’ to the Jews in Israel. If there is war this summer it will be no different to any summer in the last sixty years. Sometimes the Arabs feel brave – sometimes afraid. What Abdullah means is that he feels the Arabs might be brave enough this summer to ‘push the envelope’ once more.


    Reply to: US: Scud delivery uncertain By JPOST.COM STAFF

    Delivery Uncertain – Like NIE – 17 April 2010
    Public statements by the US are not intended to be either true or false, merely ‘consumed’. The US has demonstrated it has no commitment to honesty and that such matters as ethics, loyalty and morals are, at best, weapons to be used against ‘friend’ or ‘foe’ alike. What the US says about anything becomes increasingly unimportant except as a measure of their frantic need to be noticed. In fact, rather than the legitimacy of Israel being on notice, it is the legitimacy of the US that has long passed its “use by date”.


    Reply to: Column One: The Haaretz spy scandal By CAROLINE GLICK

    When An Enemy Is Killed – 17 April 2010
    When an enemy is killed or wounded, this is not a ‘War Crime’. Kam’s view of reality is twisted by her loathing of Modern Israel as she sees it. The fact the entire Arab World, and in an inceasing sense the world generally, is attempting to destroy Israel is, to her, justified. The Islamist creed of the Big Lie is honey to her ears. She is simply a traitor. But the principal crime here is committed by Israel – once again, since Israel does not care, Israel does not matter. That is the War Crime, perpetrated against Israel’s people, by Israel’s leaders. This is what Caroline is saying.


    Reply to: Clinton Pushes Israel, not PA, to Take Risks for Peace by Maayana Miskin

    Legitimate Aspirations of Arabs in Israel? – 16 April 2010
    Once again this Clinton creature has advocated against the legitimacy of Jews in Israel by touting an imginary legitimacy of the Arab Invaders. The moment these political slugs crawl out from whatever they were under we recognise immediately where they are coming from – the destruction of Modern Israel. Hilda the Ugly Witch will not improve this side of the veil.


    Reply to: ‘Iran needs one year for bomb material’ By HILARY LEILA KRIEGER

    Typical USA Lies! – 15 April 2010
    The US will keep saying, Not yet”, until Israel is attacked and then they will say, “Golly!” The Questions are: Will the US act? and Will Israel act? The answers in both cases are No. Afterward there will be all the usual blame-casting, head shaking and post-Shoah Recriminations. Nobody cares. Later, when it’s a case of “Vengeance is mine, saith Everyman” the wicked will burn. Even the Arabs are living in a Fool’s Paradise”.


    Reply to: The 615th commandment By MICHAEL SCHWARTZ

    Will I Go Up? – 14 April 2010
    The question of the Prophets, Judges and Kings was, “Will I go up?” Meaning, “Will the LORD go up with me?” The only meaning that Modern Israel can have is “God with Us”, if not then the whole concept of Israel, Zion, Torah and the Jews is laughable. If you go not up, the LORD will not go before you. As for outcomes, the Prophets knew that millennia ago. A nuclear Iran will be an interesting bedpartner. With luck they will waste NYC first, on principle. Leopards do, after all, have spots.


    Reply to: Gates: Nuclear Iran not inevitable By GIL HOFFMAN AND ASSOCIATED PRESS

    Whistling In The Wind – 12 April 2010
    All these people are on placebos and acting like they are on speed. When the day dawns they will be spent and settle for any deal that promises further sleep. Hilary Clinton is a sedative in her own right. It seems the powers that be are prepared to await the inevitable. That was a thrilling intimation of “Days and Weeks” by the Deputy PM! Right ON!


    Reply to: UK Trade Union Congress calls for settlement produce boycott By JONNY PAUL

    If Israel Doesn’t Care . . . – 12 April 2010
    It’s all very well to publish accounts of these embargoes and slurs but if Israel doesn’t bother to scream blue murder the rest of the world assumes these allegations also must be true. If Israel doesn’t care, Israel doesn’t matter. We see Modern Israel as just one more victim of the venal disease of Civilisation. After this, Modern Israel and its antagonists will be gone. Who cares about Modern Israel? Does Israel? We don’t see it. Therefore the demise of Modern Israel does not matter. We agree with you!


    Reply to: Haaretz’s Alleged ‘Reporter Spy’ Studied under Anti-Zionists by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

    Take Your Pick – 11 April 2010
    Israel should consult either Judges or Joshua to determine the veracity of their ‘Myth’ and act accordingly. It’s also worth noting, “Ishmael will rule with the sword when Isaac has not dominion”.(sic) When Israel preaches its own illegitimacy it has a Promise – Israel shall be made to mourn and to remember HaShem. Some Myth!


    Reply to: Column One: Israel the strong horse By CAROLINE GLICK

    So Abdullah Is The “Occupier”! – 10 April 2010
    What Caroline is saying is that the Heshemites are the occupying force in Transjordan, aka ‘Palestine’ and both he and the Arab World are using Israel as a stalking horse. The fact is, destroying Israel would simply create war in Jordan and between Jordan and its neighbours. We guess that’s what Caroline is saying. So an answer would be to itterate a new narrative – the non-existent palestinians back to Jordan where they belong and the Hashemites be repatriated to Somerset or Devon! At long last Abdullah would be able to hold forth from his British Dominions!


    Reply to: IDF gets set to lock the data barn By YAAKOV KATZ

    The Mice – As Usual – 9 April 2010
    As usual, the systems set up by the big fat cat in charge of the office were less secure than the personnel working in it. As a result, her boss’s slackness led to the mice doing silly shortcuts and things initially intended to please a boss who exercised No Security Regimen Himself. Her uterus should be removed and her boss should be stoned and his corpse hung on the South Wall of Jerusalem.


    Reply to: Netanyahu cancels trip to DC Nuclear Security Summit By JPOST.COM STAFF

    Egypt & Turkey – Instigated by US? – 9 April 2010
    The US has lost all credibility. Now that Obama seeks openly to destroy Israel, nothing would be beyond him and his State Department buddies. Listening to their daily media ‘critique’ you would think the US OWNS the world. Their views are of interest but their meddling is unwelcome and quite disingenuous. As for the antics of the Arab World, they have being doing precisely the same thing for 40 years, regarding Dimona. It was also a mistake for Bibi to agree to go in the first place.


    Reply to: Rattling The Cage: Nyetanyahu By LARRY DERFNER

    You Have To Despise Derfner – 8 April 2010
    Larry Derfner has never written an article I did not despise. Surprisingly, it’s not simply his views. The way in which he slithers around his message is beneath contempt. The point with regard to this article is that there is no such thing as the French imputed ‘occupation’, aside from the attempted occupation of Israel by the Arab World. If Derfner had a spine he would be a standing traitor.


    Reply to: Jordan Wants a Piece of Jerusalem, Too – by Shimon Cohen and Gil Ronen

    On The Other Hand – No – 7 April 2010
    It must be that both Israel and the West are in cahoots behind a plan to suck the Arab World into an open war in Israel. It may be they want this to be the trigger to a Global Confrontation – aka War. They will not say it but, they will without the slightest doubt get it. Perhaps this is good for them. They keep telling their contstituents that war is bad and they want peace, yet they continue to stake out the scapegoat and try desperately not to see daggers in their enemies hands. This will be a dirty war. Who cares? Jordan? Jordan is downwind – they will die anyway.


    Reply to: Gates warns Iran and N. Korea By AP AND JPOST.COM STAFF

    Not Playing and No Rules – 7 April 2010
    Iran and Korea are not playing and where their intentions are concerned, there are no rules. We get fed up with the lies and sweet talk from these State Department people who will turn into conscience-less mass murderers the moment they realise that they, personally, are threatened. Where the fates of others are concerned, it’s a Game. Where they are concerend it will be holocaust. How very fitting that the USA will be among the major beneficiaries of the Big Death Deal. Sick of this!


    Reply to: Prime Minister Netanyahu: Talk to us By ISI LEIBLER

    By Deftly Avoiding Reality – 6 April 2010
    Like the rest of the World, we wait to see Bibi’s belated response to Obama’s demand for “Answers by the Weekend” – so long ago. Who rules Modern Israel? Who are Israel’s enemies? What is the stance of Israel’s Prime Minister? We want to know. Others care because their willingness to engage Israel in warfare depends on Israel’s spine. Others, in the EU and UN desire to simply see a weakened Israel divided. War comes. We want to know who’s side Israel is on – Israel’s or the Arab’s? Either way, War Comes! [no typos there]


    Reply to: ‘Jordan-Israel ties at all-time low’ By JPOST.COM STAFF

    Slime Dweller, Covering His Back – 6 April 2010
    Like so many Arabs today, Abdullah feels Israel’s day has come and he wants to ingratiate himself with what he supposes will be the ‘winning side’. This man, who was educated and got his legitimacy in England, is a back-stabber of the first water. Jordan has always been the enemy of Israel and is actually the source of many of the non-existent palestinians. The Arab World and the UN use the figment of a palestinian people as a weapon against Modern Israel and the Jews. It’s all just part of Taqiyya – The Big Lie.


    Reply to: IDF Completes Reports on Incidents in which Arabs Died by Gil Ronen

    If The IDF Doesn’t Care, The IDF Doesn’t Matter! – 6 April 2010
    The message continues to go out. Israel prefers to be a toothless tiger and accepts national oblivion as inevitable. True, Jews assume Messaiah will come and reclaim the lot but they accept, it will not be Modern Israel that he comes to, just another Arab open gutter.


    Reply to: ‘We await Hamas answer on Schalit’ By GREER FAY CASHMAN

    Bridge Differences or Sell Out Fealty? – 5 April 2010
    Peres, to my mind, is the exemplar of the slime dweller. In many ways he has presided over the fall of Israel into international ignominy. His casting away of Israeli integrity and legitimacy, for the sake of his personal image sense, is a disgrace as much to Humanity as to the Israeli Nation. Since Oslo there can have been no moment of deceit when Peres was not carefully “bridging the differences”. What a despicable rogue! Offensive to speak so of a President? Offensive to have such! If Israel doesn’t care, Israel doesn’t matter.


    Reply to: Fatah: We want a peaceful intifada By KHALED ABU TOAMEH

    Why Fight While Obama Will Do It? – 2 April 2010
    The Arabs know they have no need to use weapons against Israel, aside from the fictitious palestinian people invented by the UN. By simply waiting out the Israelis, they will have the West fight the hated Jews for them. A Calm Intifada works fine. But then, so long as Israel doesn’t care, what happens doesn’t matter. A Declaration of Israel? Hah! That would upset the Arabs, the non-existent palestinians and the West. What would China say? With one heel imbedded in Tibet, China is the moral authority on ‘ethnic rights’ globally. War comes.


    Reply to: Obama: Passover Teaches Hope; Palin: Next Year in Jerusalem by Malkah Fleisher

    Passover Teaches Obedience – 1 April 2010
    The first born of all those who were not obedient died. “With a Strong Hand”. Typically, a Muslim like Obama has no idea what Torah is about. Mohammed was illiterate and paid gnostic Jews to recite scripture to him, which he promptly misunderstood. Nothing changes.


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