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    Guran posts comments in world media, especially in JPost where ample provision exists, but such comment is frequently not published. We see nothing in the direct and pragmatic stance taken by Guran, who says little at WenU blog as a rule, and so we will publish a selection of those posts that, for editorial reasons elsewhere, would never see the light of day:-

    Reply to: Saudi king visits White House By HILARY LEILA KRIEGER
    Abdullah and Obama discuss Iran, peace process and energy issues.

    “Golly Gee” President Seen As Sucker – 30 June 2010
    Obama is completely out of his depth and besides, he is doing his very best to destroy Israel. Blind Freddy can see the aim of ‘The Arab Initiative’ is to destroy Israel and Obama’s demand that he create a foreign country in the heart of Israel demonstrates he will happily sell Isreal for 2 arab dinah. He will take an IOU. But then, if Israel doesn’t care, Israel doesn’t matter!


    Reply to: PM: Russia, push for Schalit release By TOVAH LAZAROFF
    Thousands march with Schalits from Kiryat Motzkin to Kibbutz Yagur.

    Pollard First! – 30 June 2010
    Israel should demand Jonathan Pollard, now, no questions asked. Then they should cut whatever remains of Schalit out of Gaza and level whatever remains of the City. Nobody cares what happens to the Arabs, not even the Arabs. Only prim-lipped USA sophists and UN NGOs care about such tripe. But no. We will wait. And instead of Law and Order we will destroy the World. No. We also doubt YOU will survive either. Now go read some lie you think more pleasant.


    Reply to: Palin: Obama sold out Netanyahu By ASSOCIATED PRESS
    Ex-US governor accuses president of treating Israel badly.

    We Know It – 28 June 2010
    But knowing is not changing and Obama is merely a symptom of a disease, not the disease itself. The USA has decided it is unworthy and unwell and is committed to either a painful death or, as a minimum, a very painful and distressingly long period of disability before a wiser and less robust recovery. We sympathise with their self-diagnosis. We feel they are probably right. They might come to feel death is preferable but the prophets decree some will survive. Those will not include Obama nor any of his little muslim mates. No. Don’t kid yourself this is an anti-islamist rant. Just truth.


    Reply to: Medvedev: CIA Iran report ‘worrying’ By ASSOCIATED PRESS
    Russian president slams Teheran’s lack of transparency on nuke issue.

    Tell Me Sweet Little Lies – 28 June 2010
    Publicly, the Americans express complete surprise every six months when incontravertible news about any International Circumstance comes to light. American public policy is based not on real events but on their public expressions – which are demonstrably false. We accept this might fool the enemy but is the enemy the American People? Death will stride across America just as it will the rest of the Globe. Too many deaths will be attributable to ‘sweet little lies’ by self-seeking politicians, especially those in the West. In the East they honestly offer open threats of war.


    Reply to: ‘Without state, PA is irrelevant’ By ASSOCIATED PRESS
    Saeb Erekat warns stalled peace talks may lead to end of the PA.

    No Such People! – 26 June 2010
    There is no such people as a palestinian people, no palestinian language, no palestinian capital city and no palestinian statesman prior to the terrorist Arafat. The simple fact is that this whole PLO/PA stunt is a gerrymander run by the Arab World with help from the UN. This problem will be solved when the UN is disbanded and there cease to be Arab Nations. ?! Islam will be abolished. ?! This problem WILL be solved. 5.5 Billion will die.


    Reply to: Barak: US wants Israel to take risks By HILARY LEILA KRIEGER
    Says peace initiatives give Israel more freedom on security issues.

    US Took Risk – Obama! – 26 June 2010
    This is the point – what risks is the US willing to take for peace? None apparently. They are even cuddling up to Turkey at the expense of the Kurds. All this to hand out slips of paper written with “IOU – Maybe”. Obama’s word is worthless and his own people increasingly recognise this. Just as Rudd was given the Heave in Australia, Obama will be found unable to govern in the USA. There will be weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth. In fact, it will be the public who will bite their lips in pain.


    Reply to: US Takes Sides with Turkey on Kurdish Struggle by INN Staff

    Obama Hates ‘Traditional Owners!” Who Knew? – 25 June 2010
    Nothing about this surprises. Rather than adopt a morally sound position on Kurdish Human Rights, Obama wants to cosy with the devil for political reasons. How right the Prophets were! These people make a Lie to be the Truth and Truth a Lie. Fortunately, Eternity awaits. We will see who is vanity itself, when the ‘Albatross’ comes home to roost.


    Reply to: UN chief slams Silwan plan By ASSOCIATED PRESS AND JPOST.COM STAFF
    Ban Ki-moon calls J’lem demolitions illegal and provocative.

    Downtown Where? – 6/24/2010
    It is now an Establishment fact that the UN exercises rights in metropolitan council decisions in Jerusalem and elsewhere in Israel. Why? Because Israel doesn’t care! We have to assume this was what was happening all the time in the period leading up to the Shoah! People who politely and humbly permit themselves to be shuffled off to the gas ovens are unworthy of respect! You think ALL are worthy of respect? What IS respect? What is Self Respect? Don’t ask a Jew. Don’t ask an Israeli. And don’t ever ask a politician. The answers to our questions can be animals.


    Reply to: Top US commander slams Obama By ASSOCIATED PRESS
    McChrystal summoned to Washington to explain derogatory comments.

    Afghanistan Ain’t Tha Hood – 23 June 2010
    A General knows what he wants and he knows why and he knows when he wants it. Back in the ‘Hood’, it’s always possible to stuff up and rely on the po-lees to clean up after. Where McChrystal is, the Buck sits on the dust and there is nobody else to pick it up. Washington is still too involved in fighting a budget. All the enemies left alive in Afghanistan when the US pulls out will have to be killed – “as is; where is; never defused”. Life is going to become very nasty and not just for men and women in uniform.


    Reply to: ‘Gaza decision to ensure security’ By JPOST.COM STAFF
    PM says move negates Hamas propaganda, warns against next flotillas.

    Friends Around The World? – 21 June 2010
    The reason Israel has no friends around the world is it treads on the faces of those who try to assist and simpers like a girl if front of its enemies. Israel today is the most seductive victim on Earth. Was it like this in Europe prior to WWII? We suspect that the Jewish ‘victimhood’ was as polished then and the disdain of Western Jewry as blatant then. Modern Israel has no enemies as committed as Modern Jews. Remember you read that here.


    Reply to: ‘Mariam’ gets green light to set sail By JPOST.COM STAFF
    All-female Lebanese aid ship to head to Cyprus first, says minister.

    Agree With # 2 – Sink It – 21 June 2010
    What is the purpose of treating as feminine representatives women who replicate and expand the concept of Islamic women who detonate bombs strapped to their bodies in the midst of strangers? What lesson has the World learned from the image of a woman’s head on the roadway, still wrapped in its headscarf? They find this attractive? Feminine? Sane? War is Hell. Let hell visit this ship and others like it. If the World wishes to crush Israel, let the World represent itself, not the skirts of female assassins.


    Reply to: Netanyahu Relaxes Blockade, Faces Criticism by Maayana Miskin

    Don’t Stop Now – 21 June 2010
    The Free World will have no choice afterward to take back Israel and Jerusalem for our own purposes. If all the Jews can do is give it away, do so and move on. They hold gay pride Parades in Jerusalem and deny Messiah plus they do everything to stake themselves out like bait for the lion and the bear. If the Jews don’t want Modern Israel, leave and let it revert to “Israel” of Diaspora. Zion is the Pure in Heart. Israel’s enemies, everywhere in the World, care nothing about morality or legitimacy. They simply despise anyone who will not fight for his loved ones and his land and property.


    Reply to: Erdogan: Our problem is with Israel’s gov’t, not its people By JPOST.COM STAFF
    Turkish PM says his country will not stay silent in the face of Israeli “piracy,” and will seek solutions “in the framework of international law.”

    The Big Lie – 19 June 2010
    Erdogan’s problem is with the Iranian government, whom he wants desperately to suck up to, because the US has convinced him the US cannot be trusted to carry a rotten tomato across the room. We sympathise with Turkey. It must be scary to have Islamist neighbours but our advice remains the same. They are all going to die. Taqiyya will lead you only to side with those who make the fatal mistakes. Erdogan lies when he says, “It’s not the Jews”. It’s who and what he is told to say.


    Reply to: UN Screens Anti-Israel Flotilla Film, Israel Denied Response by Maayana Miskin

    If Israel Doesn’t Care . . . . – 18 June 2010
    It goes on and on. Israel stands at the corner and looks guilty while every liar in the street shouts filth. A failure by Israel to accept that this is War is tantamount to losing this war. The enemies of Israel are drinking champagne and toasting their huge success. Who cares about Israel? The rest of the World is also about to be destroyed. Israel must look after itself. Or not.


    Reply to: Abbas Supports Peace and Armed Struggle Simultaneously by Maayana Miskin

    Ahh Blessed Taqiyya! Alahu Ak-bah! – 18 June 2010
    Typical lies and yet, to be absolutely honest, there is not a Western Leader who is not aware of these lies while they all condone them constantly. Western connivance is not simply passive but they actively perpetuate the lies of Islam. There is no palestinian people, no palestinian language and no palestinian capital city – only Taqiyya! The Big Lie!


    Reply to: Lebanon Postpones Granting Rights to 1948 Refugees – Again by Maayana Miskin

    This IS The Arab War Against Israel – 18 June 2010
    There are no palestinians and there are no refugees. This whole farce is a fabrication between the UN and the Arab World. The Arabs PREVENT all these so-called refugees from living lives as human beings and the UN joins them in accusing Israel of the blatant crime against Humanity.


    Reply to: Abbas calls for Hamas reconciliation By JPOST.COM STAFF
    PA president says issues between groups can be resolved in next stage.

    Reconciliation Is Fine – 16 June 2010
    Hamas-Fatah reconcilliation makes them both enemies and both can be targetted as such. They already both are of course but it’s politically impolite to mention that Fatah is a terrorist organisation representing Arab lust to destroy Israel. All the old ambivalencies are coming home to roost and the sole purpose of the war emerges from the constant UN lies and US manouvering for advantage:- “Get Israel.” Fine. We hope they are happy when they get the consequences. While the influential people dine with the devil, we hope they recognise – he is using his short spoon.


    Reply to: Israel Signing Agreement with Vatican? by Hillel Fendel

    I mean, Who Are The Jews, Anyway! – 16 June 2010
    It seems astonishing, despite that we realise the long history of Churches and Orthodoxy desiring to domicile their legitimacy in Israel, that now demands should be placed upon Israel. If there is any legitimacy to Christian claims, that proves the legitimacy of Jewish claims is greater! Precisely the same is true of Arab lies. If the grounds on which the Arabs covet Jerusalem have any validity – they have no claim! It’s utterly laughable. Israel should say, “We are glad you like the place. It’s our Home.” But if Israel doesn’t care, Israel doesn’t matter!


    Reply to: Ireland Expels Israeli Diplomat Over Dubai Hit by Hana Levi Julian

    The Closer We Come To The Day – 16 June 2010
    The closer we come to the day, which has been prophesied and will surely come to pass, the more people, nations and institutions paint themselves into “the holes in the rocks” where they will die. A moral and spiritual death which they will carry with them through the veil of death from this mortality. How sad then, when they will find the simple fact they are surrounded by the many does not signify, at all, that they are right. So Irish people and politicians wish to obtain kudos in this world? So let it be written. So let it be done.


    Reply to: ‘Gaza economy collapsing under siege’ By TOVAH LAZAROFF
    B’tselem: 95% of factories are closed, 93% of water is polluted.

    Arabs Intend Pseudo Refugees Suffer – 14 June 2010
    It was always imperative and at the very top of the agendae of the UN and the Arab World, that the fictitious refugees suffer publicly in order for them to be a weapon pointed at Israel. The Arabs insist on the suffering and the World asks, “How can Israel permit these poor people to suffer?” If the Arab World had an ounce of decency they would have assimilated all these people 6 decades ago. But that would have quenched UN anti-semitism and Arab hatred of Jews, Israel and the Western World. Ho hum.


    Reply to: Iran: Moscow must abide by S-300 deal By JPOST.COM STAFF
    Teheran warns it is capable of producing similar defense systems.

    Pack of Rubbish and Lies – 13 June 2010
    Russia has no doubt transferred technology and ‘samples’ of weaponry to Iran, under the existing terms of their agreement, without seeing the need to inform the US or the World. While Iran can be counted on to overestimate their own capabilities, it is quite certain they can kill people and will do so when the time comes. Russia will have to be nuked also when the time comes. Just on principle. As for that facetious twit PJ Crowley, how nice that his precious USA is going down too.


    Reply to: ‘Saudi airspace open for Iran attack’ By JPOST.COM STAFF

    Israeli jets ok’d to fly over Saudi Arabia reports ‘The Times’.

    US – Times Have It Sewn Up? – 12 June 2010
    So it has been firmly decided by the US and the Times that Israel will ONLY attack targets selected and approved by the US and the Times! Sorry. It should be a very unhappy dog that staggers out of ex-Iran. What the US and/or the Media think about this is their business and theirs alone. The world need not know what anybody feels about Israel’s defense. We would take out Syria, Lebanon and Turkey while we were at it – but the US would have to provide a lot of nukes to cover all that. Other mass death options? hmmmmmm You don’t really want angry survivors, or lethal reprisals.


    Reply to: ‘Nobody denies Jewish history here’ By HILARY LEILA KRIEGER

    Abbas seeks “end of conflict” with land swaps, okays NATO presence.

    Abbas & Obama – Take A Hike! – 11 June 2010
    This business of an Arab terrorist visiting Washington to divide up Israel with the Yanks is not new. It was described several thousand years ago. So was the outcome and the Yanks are welcome to it. As for the Arabs – desolation. Wild beasts in their pleasant palaces.


    Reply to: ‘Nobody denies Jewish history here’ By HILARY LEILA KRIEGER

    Abbas seeks “end of conflict” with land swaps, okays NATO presence.

    NATO? Of Course! – 11 June 2010
    Of course Abbas approves the intervention of NATO. He knows, with Europe in Israel on the Arab side there will be no way Israel can protect itself. Personally, we would mop up the NATO ‘allies’ along with the Arabs. But then, if Israel doesn’t care, Israel doesn’t matter. Israel will probably wait until an outcry at deaths of NATO mercenaries in some disgusting Arab slum. Or while assisting in an Arab ambush on the open highway. If Israel condones NATO intervention then they can sew on their yellow star patches now!


    Reply to: Obama: Gaza situation unsustainable By HILARY LEILA KRIEGER

    US Funding Arab/UN Weapons – 10 June 2010
    The function of the ‘refugee camps’ and now also Gaza, has always been to sustain an Arab Weapon sponsored by the UN and pointed at the heart of Israel. There actually is no reason for these camps other than Arab determination. Obama has joined ranks with the Arab World and the UN against Israel. Not new!! But who would turn against Torah in favour of Qura’n? The real enamy is lucifer and no doubt, even Obama would insist there is no such person. Nothing is new. The Western World, already without a hand at the rudder has now run on financial reefs and has moral rot in its timbers. A Storm is coming.


    Reply to: Ya’alon: Probe needed of navy tactics By YAAKOV KATZ AND HERB KEINON

    Probe Legality Of Blockade? – 9 June 2010
    The blockade of Gaza was always legal. It was always simply a less destructive option than an all-out war of obliteration! Israel, as the Nation under attack, has the right to destroy its attackers. The fact Israel sits and whimpers is what invites all these lies and gesticulations by its enemies. What can Israel’s enemies do that they are not doing? You say they might attack? When were they not attacking? Even the US is attacking. But if Israel doesn’t care, Israel doesn’t matter.


    Reply to: Obama: Thomas’ remarks ‘offensive’ By JPOST.COM STAFF

    Helen Thomas Speaks For Establishment – 9 June 2010
    We do live in a day when the majority feel as Helen Thomas spoke. This is a disgrace for Western Society! It also lies at the feet of Western Media – those who prefer to stoke controversy rather than truth. Truth has a myriad enemies in the world without ‘The 5th Estate’ selling its soul for tuppence. As usual, a generation will pay the full purchase price for global media lies – and this time the generation will be the full global proportion of seven billion. In our day, Hitler would not have needed Goebels! We have many such!


    Reply to: Our World: The plain truth about Israel By CAROLINE B. GLICK

    Only One Nail Required – 8 June 2010
    The USA is in its coffin and only the one nail is required to seal it: “Specifically, we must remember that the US is privileged to count Israel as an ally”. Thank You Very Much, Caroline. This is the only message that needs to be promulgated world wide. Without Israel the USA is another Brazil. Without Israel, Obama isn’t even a Putin, he might make a loudmouth like Chavez, or a puppet like that Spanish what’s-his-name. The moment the US walks away from Israel it walks into the night. And night comes! Stragglers on the Great Plains will marvel at the collapse of their great nation.


    Reply to: Ground Zero Mosque Sponsor Unmasked as Free Gaza Donor by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

    No Shame In Dhimitude – 6 June 2010
    There is no dignity either. People who are morally and spiritually dead neither feel nor are entitled to express feelings. The heart of New York has failed the City. Perhaps this is true also of the Country.


    Reply to: ‘Dean’ of White House Reporters: Jews, Get Out of Palestine by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

    Out Of Where? – 6 June 2010
    There is no such place as Palestine, no palestinian language, no palestinian capital city, no palestinian ‘statesman’ prior to the terrorist Arafat. Arab incursors in the Holy Land are not ethnically bound to the country, and many not to the Region. This silly old woman had too much to drink and her slip is showing. If there is any ‘Occupation’ then it is the Arabs who are attempting to occupy Israel. Modern Israel, the Nation, is the restored Land of the Jews. Israel, in its wider sense, could be interpreted as the rest of the world, for where in this World is the Leaven?


    Reply to: ‘Turkey has embraced Iran, Hamas’ By HILARY LEILA KRIEGER

    Perceptions Of Friends – 5 June 2010
    A problem for Turkey is that nobody (repeat, nobody) is acting to restrain Arab Militants, Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas or whoever. Turkey finds itself in the position where soon, Erdogan feels, he will have to account to the mullahs. He feels no such accountability to the West who neither support their own values nor act against their enemy’s. War comes and Iran will cease to exist but so will Modern Israel in its present form. If this were cards, Turkey would be sitting on 17. That’s all that is REQUIRED! The West needs to require more!


    Reply to: ‘Turkey has embraced Iran, Hamas’ By HILARY LEILA KRIEGER

    Obama Has Embraced Hamas – 5 June 2010
    Obama has his own agenda and Israel is not a part of it. Obama has accepted Turkey as a partner in creating a new Arab nation in place of Israel. We find this very un-surprising but also indicative of treachery on the part of the US. Truly, the survivors in the US will deserve all that they endure and no better than they get. They put him in power and they keep him there.


    Reply to: Obama: Time to move forward By JPOST.COM STAFF AND JTA

    Obama On Wrong Bus – 5 June 2010
    This Turkey should take a hike! Obama is in denial – not only at the expense of Israel but at the expense of the USA and of the World. Pressing the button on the toilet door and waiting forever for a lift to come is not the hallmark of a Supreme Leader. This guy should go back to shelling peas at his Community Organiser Sit-In.


    Reply to: Biden: Israel right to search ships By ASSOCIATED PRESS

    Change “Our” Gaza Policy? – 3 June 2010
    Who cares about the US Gaza policy? They are not involved. The current rudderless drift toward an anti-semitic stance against Israel has an obvious outcome: the War Israel is engaged in will become more complex and dangerous for Israel and, with luck, more deadly for Israel’s enemies. Biden, once again and his ‘buddies’ in the WH, have had the hubris to speak as though Israeli Defense and Foreign Relations are their personal domain. Biden is simply a side-kick to an enemy of the State of Israel. Let’s not forget that.


    Reply to: ‘We face international hypocrisy’ By JPOST.COM STAFF

    UN Animosity to Israel – 3 June 2010
    It is reported in Australian media that Ban Ki Moon has “ordered Israel to cease the blockade of Gaza”. Regardless, the simple fact is, the UN has falsely created a pseudo palestinian people and has created so-called ‘refugee camps’ in which to sustain them as a weapon pointed at the heart of Israel. The UN and the Arab World seek Israel’s destruction. Gaza is a Weapon and as such should be broken. So should the false refugees. Victims of the Arabs and the UN, the ‘refugees’ should be forcefully returned to Arab lands where they came from. But we will war instead! War Comes!


    Reply to: Turkish FM: Flotilla affair is ‘Turkey’s 9/11’ By JPOST.COM STAFF

    So That makes? – 2 June 2010
    So four Turkish militants equates to 3000 NYC innocent civilians? Okaaay. Next question: Where is Mustafa Kemal Hussein Obama on this?


    Reply to: All flotilla activists to be deported By JPOST.COM STAFF

    Stupid Admission of “Guilt” – 2 June 2010
    Many of these people will have been gullible idiots typical of this kind of escapade. Others are hard core terrorists bent on death and mayhem. The criminals should be identified and put away for a very long time. But wait! The Israeli Supreme Court will pardon them anyway and besides, what if ‘anybody’ gets upset! If Israel doesn’t care, Israel doesn’t matter.

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