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    In the days of the Cold War, there was an identified, not simply an identifiable, foe and global events were cast against that backdrop. Today Islam escapes that. Today nobody will identify Islamism as a Foe.


    Until relatively recently, not just up until the fall of the Berlin Wall, there was a global undercurrent of activity. Regardless of other, overt clashes, battles, wars and general rioting, it was always safe to assume a healthy flow of “Black Ops” and assorted CIA sponsored ‘struggles’ etc., that comprised the tapestry of give and take on the world stage. That seems to have gone quiet.

    The impact of past strategies and tactics: arming militants with Soviet weapons to avoid ‘connectivity’ with the USA; fostering religious zealots with the single intent of thwarting Soviet aims in odd pockets of the world; and the like, linger on today as festering manifestations of a greater evil that has festered far longer, far more widely and in far more treacherous hearts and minds than the West has chosen to see.

    Rather than these unwashed, rabid peasants fading back into their assorted cultures and returning to herding goats or whatever, they have merely exhibited the Truth. Their sponsor all along, in so many troubled corners of the world, was neither Communism nor the USA. They brought with them, wherever they found themselves, one or another form of Wahabism incubating in them since their funding back at origin in Saudi Arabia and its assorted vassal financial dependencies.

    It actually doesn’t matter what religious ideas a person in the West might hold. The only answer to this horde of miscegenated and misguided religious zealots is to kill them. Failure to do so will only end in death. And Failure is not an option.

    So we will.

    Heh People assume you must wear ‘pre-sweated jock straps’ when you admit you are in favour of killing. “Woah! Rednecks ovah to tha left, Bro!”

    But in the two-way shooting gallery you either shoot or duck. And you can only duck so long. If you’re busy working out when to duck, you’re not shooting. You don’t shoot – you get shot. So cruising invisibly against the night sky, we see the need to kill. The need is for others to see where, how and why.

    Around the World, carnage is becoming so prevalent it almost makes a pattern. Some areas of the pattern could be made to seem pretty! Have you seen the satellite vision of the burned out towns and villages of Darfur? The patterns of charred earth are in a way reminiscent of finger-painted images produced by emaciated natives for sale to tourists!

    Then you pan back and begin to see how one area is adjacent to another, one country to another, one continent to another and it becomes clear.

    Yet nobody has the nerve to say it. To say who is there with the death, along with the victims.

    USAID? Maybe you thought CARITAS! WFO! The World Bank. Save The Children Foundation. The governments and community organisations of the Western World are there, as they can be, limited in what they can do by the presence of Islam.

    An American or European businessman invokes no god for the purposes of trade and profit. Godless and sectarian, they simply obey the unwritten law, “Whatever the traffic will bear”.

    In association with their economics they exercise whatever cultural or religious views they take upon themselves. A portion of their profits goes toward the victims of Islam.


    We need to look at matters with discernment. The coming deaths of billions are not a preference of mine or any Western government. History has big feet and it crushes small.

    The World and Israel: I’m starting here because it’s in the news. It has been for the last five thousand years.

    Israel, even in its greatest estimation, was always a tiny nation tucked between greater and nestled between the Dead Sea and The Great Sea. It’s too small a piece of land to have any importance by any reckoning but it’s not the land that rankles. Not the Land at all.

    When last the World rebuked and rebuffed Islam the destruction was sufficient to engender relative peace until the 20th Century. Relative because Peace On Earth is a term meaningless to isolated pockets of Humanity being impaled and impregnated by oppressors, yet ignored by the Country down the road.

    A very thorough job at last, after centuries of halfhearted battles and wars, which ensured the victors could get on with their own squabbles more effectively.

    It would be convenient to pretend the resurrection of Islam is the result of OIL being the basis of Life on Earth! In fact, the rise and rise of Islam is the result of vast improvements in the technology of global communications, mixed with the banal and materialistic pleasure dome of Western Civilisation. Ahh how convenient it is that we are here, so ripe for the taking!

    We cultivate poisonous vines in our arbors. The time has come to cut and cut and cut. Too late!

    Great armies before us have waged unlimited conflict, with all their might, to the death, before this day. A significant element of their resisting strength was a common chord of reason, a harmony of rationale that, come what may, Everyman must have Choice.

    Since about 700 AD, Islam has been the Champion of Compulsion.

    Sure we have seen Communism in one form or another. Aristotle held principles that could be held to be somewhat communistic in their utopianism. It’s not new to have ‘overview’ endorsing obsessive compulsion. Perhaps even Cuba could prosper if for once the USA would simply let it! The only risk from Cuba is the radioactive cloud that might get swept up in a hurricane and dropped over the Southern States. Them Southern Boys would sure hate that!

    Free Enterprise was not the aim of western civilisation. It just typifies what it is.

    Now with instantaneous global communications, it is VITAL that you have no chance to think for yourself.

    Millions will die to prevent the Exercise of Agency but billions will die as a result.

    And it just so happens that Israel is the homeland of a Tribe lending its ethos to the nations. And those nations are the Free World.

    Israel is the avowed eternal enemy of Islam. Trust me in this one thing!

    So it’s not the Land. Nor is it the “narrative” as the angel Rai calls it, the Big Lie. The Arabs do not want justice or fairness – they simply want Israel’s total destruction AND the destruction of everything that has the scent of Israel. This means – YOU.

    The World and Iran, Nuclear Weapons, Kenya, Pakistan et al.: As it happens, there is a great amount of ‘overflow’ and pretended greying of edges surrounding who does what and where.

    Wouldn’t it be great if the Cold War was still on and we could just crush tha Commies!

    Russia, China, North Korea and even places in South America and South Africa have their own agendae, independent of the dreams we may weave over our mint juleps on sultry summer afternoons. As the sun sets on Communism it apparently retains its warmth in dangerous places where freedom of choice is still, as Robbie Burns might say, a “Wee slikit cowrin beastie”.

    And these places have so much available that can be used by Islam. It’s just so cool!

    While Russia is overtly supplying Iran with nuclear technology, Korea is feeding an ‘in-house’ version of same to Pakistan, Syria, Libya and who knows who? Pakistan has turned out to be the Asian Supermarket for Secret Technology.

    The old Soviet Bloc states are, of course, totally above looking the other way while the real thing is loaded on trucks and just driven away.

    All it needs is that the people who avail themselves of these mighty, death dealing scourges of Mankind (as if that’s actually what they are for and as if they will ever be used for anything else), be opposed to Freedom of Choice.

    Let me see. Do we know any despots? Hmmmm There are one or two who might qualify. Hmmm But Wait! There is a whole RELIGION dedicated to exactly what we need. Let’s foster Islam and they will be unstoppable in destroying every free thinking individual on Earth!

    Presently in Kenya, an unworthy victor defends his electoral victory, supported by the US and the Free World (they don’t say this because they want us to think it’s just a nasty Civil Disorder) against a Muslim oriented Opposition who frankly have had enough of both elections and the winner and decided it’s Sharia Law for them or nothing.

    So that’s Kenya.

    Darfur. Can you believe the main antagonists there go by the globally accepted party name of “Dope Fiends”? (Ganja is one of the ‘Developing Nations’ terms for hemp, dope, marijuana, grass, bush or whatever.) So these fired-up warriors of peace and normalcy, the Janjaweed, are the ones actually doing the killing, raping and burning – with government sponsorship. And yes. They are Muslim.

    Afghanistan and Pakistan. The homeless waifs imported and armed by the CIA, from Saudi Arabia and Yemen, to fight the ‘Commies’, like their new home and the new ‘life’ they have. Why live in the desert and cook over camel dung when you can live in the mountains and cook fundamental Islamism!

    The only way the situation is the mountains between Afghanistan and Pakistan is going to be fixed is with either a very nuclear solution or with one of those ‘transferable virii’ that used to be understood only by the British at Portnam Downs. Sadly, the good old days are long gone and every man and his dog now possess the ability to exterminate humanity by infecting their neighbour’s dog and letting nature take its course.

    This is going to be a nasty place to live for those who don’t die quickly.


    Clearly, the view from here is that we in the luxurious West will need to address the fact, Islam is out to get us. Not that Islamism keeps its plans a secret – nothing could be more plainly announced. They shout it from the housetops. Literally!

    And regardless of how vile their actions, they invoke God while they do it.

    Nobody around here has any issues about the greatness of God but we put mad dogs down not for religious reasons but simply because they are a health hazard.

    In face of the modern realities and the undeniable fact, Islamists are not about to use modern, instantaneous, global communications to declare Peace, I have stated in the old blog the path to the solution. The West should obliterate Iran now. The West should also destroy Command and Communications in Korea and leave China to pick up the pieces – they cannot possibly do worse than the North Koreans themselves. The West should destroy Damascus and Syrian Command and Control. The West should destroy Beirut. I calculate (and time surprisingly rapidly elevates the numbers) this would amount to about one hundred and fifty million people dead.

    The first gasp is to cry that I must be a mass murderer, a fiend and devoid of moral and ethical sanity.

    My problem is, if the above was done then the World would take this matter seriously and just MIGHT avert what is already happening. But no present politician is Statesman enough to act independent of the ‘judiciaries’ and the ‘voters’.

    What is already happening will continue to its inevitable, unstoppable end and approximately five and a half billion will die.

    Not because I want it.

    Because YOU want it.

    Left to their own devices, these people will act like children. It is up to the West to act like a vengeful fool. (who smilingly looks over his shoulder as he steps over the brink).


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