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    The blind assumption among Jews seems to be that Israel will survive virtually unchanged and emerge victorious from the onrushing War. The fact is, a no higher percentage of Israelis than will survive statistically elsewhere, will live to see the day. On the other hand, it’s a given, many places globally will suffer less intense amounts of ‘conventional warfare’ and as such will suffer less physical destruction than Israel and the environs of Jerusalem.

    Where the corpse is . . .

    Israel has been cooking its own goose for generations now, while the Arabs have been consolidating every ounce of legitimacy foolishly given them by the “Zionist Occupier”. It has been an exercise in vanity and hubris by the Jews to demonstrate they need exercise no acts of self-preservation. We grant they claim this in dependance upon the Hand of their God (He’s ours too, of course) but the Husbandman was always commanded to exercise a ‘wise stewardship’ lest he be considered an ‘unfruitful vine’.

    Looking in from a Diaspora perspective, Israel and the Jews can be shown to have enticed the Arabs into believing their false claims are legitimate. We accept this was always the intention of such as Arafat but the conspiratorial encouragement rendered by Israel over the last sixty years must have tried also the patience of their God.

    Far be it from us to determine what God in His infinite Wisdom might do, other than what he has shown his prophets but they too foreshadow a nasty and dire strait for Jerusalem to pass through.

    So it’s with interest that we watch the conniving and dealing among Israeli leadership who see foreigners demanding much and reply, “Take it all!”

    “Oh Jerusalem, who stoneth the prophets.”

    OK. That’s not kosher either but Jesus was a Jew even as He was Meshiach. The Jews may well deny him but their shared fate is inscribed forever in the scrolls of Daniel, Isaiah, Ezekiel – and John, precisely as Amos stated it would be.

    Looking in from the Diaspora perspective, we get the impression that Sharon, while entate and Bibi, for instance, have the utmost extreme faith in their God. That regardless of their casual ineptitude and deliberate casuistry, the fate of Israel and of its despicable enemies is sealed and so the Israeli government need do nothing.

    Will someone whisper to them that those ‘enemies’ may include the Modern Jews of Modern Israel?

    This is the quandry faced by all who endorse the State of Israel.

    What person can endorse any state that tempts simple fate?

    The problem in dealing with a ship of fools is not the cargo or the vessel but the crew.

    Here in Diaspora we are Ephraim, Manassas and Joseph. We are Israel!

    Zion is the Pure in Heart.

    So while Peres and Netanyahu dash off to Washington to make deals they should be mindful that the way to the tree of life is guarded by a flaming two-edged sword that turns in all directions.

    The Angels are in the world.

    The Arabs are an implacable enemy to the very elect of God. True there must be opposition in all things and what would mortality be if we were not required to exercise discretion in our agency at every turn but there is one common adversary to all Mankind and that one hates the Jews.

    If they hate themselves that’s an added bonus.

    We draw some comfort from occasional words escaping the lips of Israeli leaders who claim Israel is strong and will not be defeated. We draw no comfort from their then throwing down their own walls and gates. We see the Watchtowers.

    We know the Wolf.

    How nice that Abraham, recognising the Angels, bade them be seeated; washed their feet; fed them milk and sweet lamb; made them welcome. Is it Jacob who offers sweetmeats to the enemies of the LORD?

    At every turn we see Abbas outwitting, seemingly, the Jews and consolidating his place in the hearts of the Gentiles. We see Israel puffing cushions for Arab comfort, “Surely, for this purpose are ye come!”

    Disingenuosity can become a habit so deeply ingrained that we lie even to ourselves. When Jews hasten to lie for the sake of the truth they soon enter in at the path of lying for the lie’s sake and the Lie is not of the LORD.

    We know that countless individuals must die and that a mere piddling few millions in Israel have no power to prevent that. We accept there can be hidden agendae in the minds of Israeli and other World Leaders, to which we need not be privy and which determine the public paths such men must tread. We watch and wait.

    Individual and personal goodwill must have some impact among our close circle of friends. The time has passed however when the man-in-the-street can alter the decisions which have been made and the path Humanity will tread.

    We have a little ways to go. As Went declares, “Dragons are not GO”.

    For those who have eyes to read and ears to hear, the Angels are in the world.


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