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    While we do not walk the halls of power we do see the body language and we are familiar with the narrative of those who do. Earth is for War.

    Earth is for War

    Always throughout History there have been moments at which decisive action by a Statesman or major Nation could have guarded the path of Humanity clear of the body stealing maw of a far greater conflagration.

    Here at WenU Blog we too have suggested, the deaths now of perhaps two hundred and fifty million in places such as: Iran totally; Syria and North Korea Command and Control; Lebanon strategically, would bring global debate into true focus. We also accepted always that this will not happen and as a consequence we estimate five and a half thousand million will die. 5,500,000,000

    Lets look at some of the indices that point their manifest trajectory at this point in Mankind’s Time.

    One view that must no be neglected is the view of the Prophets. They say we will recognise the point at which “the whole Earth” will be consumed. Since it has been only in our day that the whole Earth can be simultaneously engrossed in any matter, we must assume Today is the first time the words of those prophesies allude to.

    Also the Prophets describe pretty accurately the symptoms of our day: the hearts of men are cold and lacking in natural affections – many millions of babies are murdered annually for ‘cosmetic’ purposes and the UN seeks to internationalise conventions that permit ten year old girl children to obtain abortions without their Mother’s knowledge or consent; wars and rumours of wars – there has been no break in the condition of war somewhere, if not concurrently in may places, on the face of this Planet during the last Century; The ground moves and the waters exceed their places – this was always the case but with Global Civilisation and Communications, many now begin to feel fear because of calamities on the far side of the Earth, let alone beneath their feet; and evil is loose upon the face of the World, in the form of every conceivable moral and venal force designed to tear the heart and soul from Man.

    So we incline to think this was the day the Prophets saw and we agree with them, satan draws mankind down, wrapped in his chains of evil and deceit, ruled by false priests, tyrants and despots bathed in the blood and sins of this generation.

    Another view relies on the common assumptions made in-the-street, based upon information openly available and touted via instantaneous Media Propagation. Talk about a Fifth Column! The premise is, “If everybody is saying it, it must be true.” So phalanxes of media drown mankind in their pet lies, their Popularity Polls, their Referenda, their News Releases, Exposes, Propaganda and false allegations.

    “Language” is introduced into the “Narrative” such that all subsequent discussion can be coloured by undenied but false precedent, gradually leading debate away from reality and into the realm of the preferred argument. eg. Israel ‘Occupies’ lands owned by the invading Arabs. Clearly, Israel is incontestably Israel and has been for thousands of years but for the purposes of ‘discussion’ this is not so and the Global Arab position is inarguably contrary to and diametrically opposed to Truth.

    In terms of global politics, this translates to removing the brakes from the carriage rather than re-shoeing the horse. As a consequence, the horse proceeds more painfully, the carriage proceeds more slowly and the event plays out more dangerously. Nobody is attending to the commonsense requirements of travel but great attention is paid to the Media squeaking wheel.

    Along with this Big Lie scenario, which incidentally is also typified by the sacred Muslim ‘strategic lie’ of Taqiyya, whereby it is good to lie to your enemy until you have power over him, then you must demand dhimmitude or death, there is the conflict of Powers.

    This world has, not for the first time, become involved in the determinations of the ‘Major Powers’.

    The Major Powers are those nations not committed to the good of Humanity but rather, to the vested venal interests of selected members of their elite society. This is merely an advanced form of village, clan and tribal hegemony. It’s not conducive to Peace at the Global level. Nations such as Cold War Russia, 21st Century China, resurgent Pan Islamism and the opening up of Central and Southern Asia.

    We see good reason to believe none of the major players today have the slightest interest in either Truth or Human Decency.

    This is equally true of the USA which has fallen into a financial morass and has entered the epoch of its moral collapse. That was quick!

    And we see War.

    How eager are the hosts.

    If it were only the grubby expressed intentions of the coterie of squalid Arab countries surrounding Israel, it would be deadly enough. However, the Middle East has drawn itself inseparably into the fabric of motorised global society.

    Any sincere conflict in the Middle East will have impacts upon the OPEC outcomes and thus, not only the price but the territory will be deemed negotiable.

    An attack on Iran will bring Russia and China dashing to secure their ‘interests’ in The Gulf, from which the USA, UK and Denmark will have to repulse them.

    Finally we wish to point the finger at a momentarily ‘pressure cooker’ situation in the form of Demography.

    Civil order is determined as much by demographics as by law.

    China has too many men and needs a good war. While China seeks amenable means to sacrifice twenty million soldiers in a conventional war, the rest of the world is running out of children. Demographic Winter would be a natural disaster of the sort vocal minorities always overlook. Instead we are faced with the mindless assumption that there will always be too many people and an endless source of too many more.

    As the demographic power source underpinning Western Civilisation begins to misfire, the under-employed will cry increasingly to be part of the effortless thrall enjoyed by the rich. Law will come to be determined by need and a hungry person obeys the Law of the Jungle.

    Nations such as those in the West, which have assumed there will always be plenty and that their leisure will be underpinned by Law and Order will discover, increasingly, chaos breaks through the surface of their complacency.

    As the orderliness of Western Society dissolves so will the capacity to muster armies from among a quiet civilian estate. Assumptions based upon past resources will flounder as it becomes apparent, there is as big an enemy within as there is at the outer wall.

    In the absence of ‘Conventional Resources’, those in power will justify additional means. This will also entail finally confronting Islamism for what it is. The next Versailles will make Verdun look like a Gopher dig.

    But defeating Islam will only be one complexion of the Global Conflict.

    In places it will seem a populace without reason for war can find reason for nothing else. Chaos and Civil War will rage from side to side.

    Into all this will walk the unchecked natural diseases of Mankind. These will remain untreated in the absence of hospitals and doctors to use them.

    Into all this will be released the Manmade diseases for which there will be no intended cure.

    Where it occurs, nuclear warfare will be relatively quick. Those not quickly killed will not last long without good medical care.

    So we look with some interest as Obama tinkers with the Human Machine. Not being a Christian, Obama cannot internalise the extent to which the Judaeo-Christian ethics and moral laws have underpinned the success of the United States of America. Also he cannot see the rapid decay of those cultural mores which have evaporated with the binding fabric of the Family as the basic unit of society.

    License is not Liberty.

    Peace is not Free.

    The Prophets spoke of our day as a day of Glory. They were right. This is the most glorious time in which to be upon the face of the Earth. Ordinary people today have access to more technology and information than at any other time in History.

    We still have Gang mentalities running International Relations.

    We still have those who consider Man himself is adequate to the challenge of devising Wisdom to save the Race.

    There is no such Man.

    No Saviour will stride onto the world scene, casting loose the chains of despotism and lies.

    He will come.

    But He will come after Man has destroyed Mankind.

    We watch as the Human Race is tipped into the cauldron and move our tracing fingertips along the written line. History says what comes next. The Prophets saw us coming.

    This will be a very rough ride.

    And Dragons are not yet Go


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