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    Some imagery is getting out of Teheran, despite risks and difficulties. Including Iconic Neda and her death.

     'Neda' lies on the street after being shot.

    The actual video is: here

     'Neda' dies on the street after being shot.

     'Neda' Young - Vital - Alive.


    Go Where? When?

    Who brought the Wieners?

    Ferdosi Sq at noon

    Video Capture

    Basij Militia

    Street skirmishing

    Street skirmishing

    Street skirmishing

    Street skirmishing

    Street skirmishing

    What seems clear from the imagery is that the authorities have done a very professional job of suppressing violent and destructive demonstrations.  Consideration can be given to the mobs, such as they are, for being determined to register their determination and insistance on a new round of elections.

    Given we see only a few hundred involved in the imagery provided, while commentary alludes to many thousands unseen, the Guard can be congratulated on suppressing media exploitation of civil discontent.  They knew the discontent existed and they knew how Western Media hold sacred their right to publicise everything, even affronts to human decency, for the mere sake of creating sensationalism and personal notoriety.

    Perhaps many millions of Iranians are indoors, silently watching and hoping.

    They sure don’t seem to be hoping in the streets.

    It’s been suggested this will blow over shortly. Some say the ‘Stars Foretell’ Uncle Ahmi will get shot and he will turn out not to have been Public Enemy # 1 afterall.  What IS in the stars is that they are falling.  Many outside Iran will draw strength from the images displayed here and use them as the basis for further lawlessness in France, Russia, America and Asia.

    It was typically amusing to see ex-pat Zimbabwyans booing the idea of siding with Morgan Changiry in a hasty return to the loving embrace of Dr Death and the Farm Boys. Fancy leaving cosy England to go and rough it without the National Health! Apparently it was the same with getting slaves in the USA to migrate back to African Liberia . . . no way jose’. WE WILL FIGHT FOR OUR RIGHTS! RIGHT HERE!

    All those misbegottens left behind are about to discover their rights, right here at home!

    Don’t bother to hurry and book an advance seat.  This show will be playing right here in your own street.  Be patient!  There is enough death and mayhem for everyone.

    The YouTube Link to the most widespread ‘Neda Video’ was:




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