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  • PAX OBAMA – Robert Gates Collusion

    The point about ‘Empires in Decline’ is that, on the one hand there are always those who say no such empire exists. On the other there are those who say it’s not in decline.

    Robert Gates AP image

    The Ancient Roman Empire ruled for a thousand years, in a continuum known as Pax Romana. The reality is that the Empire was over long before its final shreds were subsumed elsewhere but still the ‘Roman Peace’ was more than a figure of speech.

    The ‘Pax’ part of the Roman Empire was maintained by the Roman Legions. Personal freedom was ensured, across the Empire, by brutally suppressing all dissent and any minor, local uprisings.

    The Roman Empire was in every sense, an empire of iron.

    However, for those not interested in ‘rocking the boat’, Pax Romana was indeed a great boon and a weal. Seasons came and seasons went while, largely, the people went about their daily affairs.

    This could not last forever, due to all the human frailties which continue among us today. Human nature cannot endure Peace and cannot endure a Void. As soon as some adventurous individual sees an opportunity to prosper, he will sacrifice all those around him in pursuit of his goal. It matters not the slightest whether this be Mongol hordes, Vandals, Goths or even Saracens and Islamist hordes. Nothing is as constant as change.

    From the perspective though of the ruling senators in ancient Rome, the fate of the Empire was not so pressing as their personal comforts, status and wealth. Together they all fiddled as Rome figuratively burned. Together they fell under the feet of the destroyers. Too enfeebled from within, Rome and its Empire sank from view – for all this, its tokens remain to this day and they remain impressive too.

    Now let’s look closer to our day and etch out similarities.

    The United States of America found itself the default protector of common decency, globally, as a result of World War Two. This didn’t last, as the USA very quickly became the global purveyor of every moral slough passed on by its Roman example.

    In less than no time, it seemed, the great and global protector was seen to have very clay-like feet.

    That was ok. The majority of people can accept that nations, like individuals, can be trustworthy while yet being fallible and less than perfect.

    But it did require that the global policeman be both big and strong.

    Now enter the elected leaders of the USA. Also bring onstage their advisors who counsel the wisest ways to stay there, to retain personal power.

    As a result of Peace-Time elected leaders learning to curry favor (US Eng sp) with the 5th. Columnist Media, in no time at all, it seemed, they went the way of Pax Romana.

    No longer interested in suppressing affronts to common decency and law and order, these high and esteemed, even exalted ones, chose to rule according to the Lowest Common Denominator (LCD).

    And worse. Not satisfied with the LCD of their own Nation, they chose to force upon themselves and their own populace the ‘exalted estimations’ of the United Nations, a Global LCD.

    So now the World was in the charge of a headless chicken, being driven by the basest intentions of its lowest entity nations–which by no accident happen to be Islamists, Communists, religious Tyrants and Dictators. Now, they really listen a LOT to LCDs! NOT, we think.

    Therefore the norm in the world today is that the loudest bullies rule, regardless of right or wrong and nobody, repeat-nobody-is seeking to preserve concepts of right or wrong. What are preserved are the rights to freely access, ideally at taxpayers’ expense, all those moral sloughs which History has revealed as the most destructive parts of Human Nature within Society.

    The World as we know it is destroying the fabric of its own Society.

    And that’s in the good parts of the world! yay!

    In the dark pits where the majority of Humanity sprawl, in open sewers and slums, subject to abuse at every level and on every hand, forces draw plans to destroy those of us who take our comforts so for granted.

    They blame us for the fact each cent of International Aid we give them is immediately devoted to weaponisation and armed dominion.

    But it’s us they want to rule.

    Robert Gates is one of those ‘advisors’ to elected officials like that useless nigger Obama. Gates’ record, since his days as CIA boss, has been to run down the budget and infrastructure of his dominion.

    Currently, Gates is presiding over the running-down of the USA Defense Department.

    Others in the world are not running down the budgets devoted to their plans for Dominion. They seek dominion over You, Me and Us!

    So now that Obama has demonstrated the US is weak, misguided and has no guts, our friends from the Dark Side have drawn courage and compete with each other to challenge the “Dark Empire” of the United States – which incidentally means not just the Yanks but means, absolutely – us.

    Sunday’s effort was a naked challenge by North Korea. They challenged the US to a fight in the Sea of Japan and the Yellow Sea.

    That was days ago and even the Media of the gutless fallen empire are silent!

    We would expect something quite simple. Perhaps the Koreans will sit a conventional submarine, loaded with a nuclear warhead, silently on the bottom of the seaway and wait for a USN Carrier to pass overhead. Not very high-tech but spectacularly effective in shaming and demoralising the USA! BANG!

    But Robert Gates is still out there ‘proving to the World’ that the USA can win more friends by cutting back on its weaponry and on its Will to Win. The US has handed the advantage over to its enemies and the Community Organiser “Hasn’t given up hope”.

    Now it becomes a matter of time and priorities. Will the USA become immersed in its Second Civil War first, or in World War Three – or Four or Five dependent upon where you live, including Korea, Viet Nam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo or wherever.

    Historically, this is known as the Fall of Empire. It happened to the Romans. Happened to the Greeks. The Assyrians (who incidentally are back in vogue) and even the Chinese. Of course, China has nothing to do with North Korea.

    We say it over and over.

    War Comes.

    The Angels are in the World.

    * checks wall chart * Dragons are not Go


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